My Wallet Was Lost But Was Found

Today was rather stressful. First I was at the Liturgy at the chapel. It was rather nice, I got to see a Bible signed by St. Justin of Celije. I had a long talk with Branislav Zivkovic - he was feeling rather depressed and anxious over being sacked from St. Basil of Ostrog church. I rushed home, had a 5 minute nap, and then rushed to have a coffee with Nikola Radovanovic. We talked for a couple of hours, really had great time.


I had a rather nice time for Christmas even if it was tad uneventful. At midnight I went with Vladana's gang to the Cathedral of Saint Sava - the church was freezing cold, and it was really difficult to get out. We had a rather nice Christmas service with two deacons. Veljko and I sat in a strategic position to eat the food (Me: "I am starting to believe there is a God"), and then Aleksandar Bogdanovic sat next to us (Veljko: "There is no God."). However, he was way more laid back than usual. I got back home, had a nap, cleaned my room, had a nice standard family lunch with Rada's gang (with Lale finding the chestnitsa after a long search and commenting how it'll probably turn up on the ultrasound). I went to visit Goca who suddenly dropped by since she has some issue with her toes. In the evening I played Arkham Horror with Vladana and Vladan. First time we beat the game.

It's Christmas

Had a wonderful day today. Liturgy was perfect. Sadly, none of my friends turned up for today or yesterday. We had a nice time after the Liturgy, eating the roast I've brought, as well as many other dishes (Russian salad, corn bread, gibanica etc.). Then I went home. Had great time with Srdjan, Mile, Dragana and Filip. Granny found the chesnitsa.

Belgrade Bridge is not Falling Down

Granny, Dad, Mom and I have been to visit the new Belgrade bridge. It looked awesome. One track was reserved for pedestrians, most of whom were taking photographs. Before the bridge, however, we went to Home Center. We found these beautiful Christmas ornaments, but they were extremely expensive. We bought a new rug for the kitchen, with spice jars motif. We also bought a number of porcelain coffee mugs for Milica (one with a little heater underneath for hot chocolate, and one with a girl - the girl really looks like Milica). I was supposed to meet with both Milena and Nenad today but they both cancelled. I laughed so hard when Milica was opening her presents - she saw the box containing the gilr mug, and had trouble opening it. Dad asked her: "Can't you guess what it is?" to which she replied: "Not another mug?" I could barely contain tears. 

Past Few Days

I love that subject line. Shows my laziness.
Studying, usually with Ivana and Jovana. Heard an inspiring story of Ivana's grandfather who wouldn't eat olives growing over concentration camp fence since they weren't his (he survived by eating corn seeds that fell between the boards etc.). Svetlana finished the icon of Chiune Sugihara, I showed it to Srecko and slightly spread it over the net.
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Hungary 2011

Okay, tons to write.
Travelling to Hungary. Ivana told me that I should be at the train station at half past 9, but I thought it was 10 - I was there on time, but it turned out she forgot her passport. Veljko returned it quickly so we were soon off. We were in Hungary around 5 AM - the wind was extremely strong and cold. Iren called us a taxi but we couldn't wait for ours so we just got in the first that got there. Iren's place was rather charming. I slept like a corpse. I had a strange dream. A friend of mine is fighting a duel with a witch on a rocky shore, on a square plateau in whose corners and center are these shining blue crystals. The witch teleports outside the plateau, takes the crystal off the tip of her staff and throws it in the middle of the arena - suddenly a huge tsunami wave washes my friend off. He's actually in shallow water, sitting in it. I'm there too. We gaze to the sky and wait for large watersprouts to descend upon us. I also remember a truck-like tramway picking me up at the beginning of Vojvode Stepe street and going alongside the railtracks where there were some lamposts - the lamposts would pass as the trucktram would go.
Being there. For the first day, Ivana and I went shopping to West End where I studied in Starbucks. I liked this girl who kept talking about God with a friend of hers in English. In the evening we met Klaus, a German Orthodox. We had a nice time at the cafe. The next day we met the rest of the gang in the Russian church where we read a multilanguage akathist to the Mother of God. Ivana and I laughed so hard at how the the Slovak guy read French "Salut" (he read it literally like that, with a loud T at the end). The next day we had two uberlong services (Matins + Liturgy and Vigil) at Romanian monastery. Lectures were amazing: on two newly canonized Russian Saints, on Elder Porphyry and Klaus' testimony on how he found Orthodoxy [similar lecture can be found here: ]. I think that two of the girls there flirted with me (one told me flat out the first time we talked that I'm funny and good looking, the other stood by me during the Liturgy in a very big and empty church). Ivana had a bit of a trouble with Hungarian-Russian-American Jew who kept hitting on her. There weren't really much people I'd wanted to keep in contact except Klaus. I called one guy Totem because he was really tall, thin and silent. :D
Getting back. Ivana and I were barely on time for the train - she was late getting some creme for my neighbour, and by the time we said our goodbyes to everyone, we were late. We got on the train on time though. At first we had great time, until this girl entered our compartment. The mood really plummeted from there. Then this man walked in as the girl left, so Ivana and I played this secret-sharing game, though I've learned notihng spectacularly new or shocking.  
Humor. Some especially funny occurances.
Ivana and I are looking for West End mall. Since we couldn't find it from metro tunnels, we go to the surface, hoping to see the building. Suddenly this man approaches and speaks to Ivana:
"Excuse me, metro?"
"No, West End."
"Blue line?"
"No no, West End."
I screamed: "What are you doing?" "But we don't need the metro, we need West End." "The man was asking for himself!"
Also, a funny gag of me saying 'cockscrew' in front of everyone, and Ivana being tad aggressive to a girl in a train for which we were barely on time ("Answer me please!").


Liturgy on Sunday was excellent - it was Sunday, the first Sunday of the Advent fast and the Entry of the Theotokos, so we had around 60 people and 40 communicants. After the Liturgy, Mladen and I went for a coffee - we met Dejan, Nemanja and their friend there. Had a good talk. In the evening Mom came from Cyprus - she gave me this beautiful kashmire sweater and some Cypriot cheese.

Process of Healing

I went to the Liturgy today, being Archangel's day. I left the apartment through the backyard, to check up on Tiffy's grave - the Boxplant is still standing. At church, everyone was understanding. The Liturgy was terrific. After the service I went for a cup of coffee with Mladen and Milos, we had a rather good time. Later in the day, Milan cancelled our Botako appointment. Hope we'll go tomorrow.
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A Day

Had a nice morning... I got up before 9 with a good night's sleep. Dad and I were supposed to bring our lampshade to the lampshade repairman or whatnot, but we were late. We went to Orasac for lunch, discussing our family friends to an extent. I had to cancel workout with Milan - there was simply no time. At 5 I met Bojan Gajic - we went to Coffe Dream. I tried not to move my head while talking to him, Ivana's possible boyfriend was to my right, and I didn't feel like saying hello. I discussed a number of subjects with Bojan: evolution, Danka, how come he became religious and so on. Was mostly wasting time home, I messaged Milan - he said we could work out tomorrow after I finish my classes with Ivana. Hope it works. 

Juggling the Chores

A tiresome day today. I had to juggle a ton of people - first I went to the health care center Vracar. It turned out I have to test my blood and urine for anestetic tomorrow. Then I went to the gym for a nice work out with Milan, after which I immediately went to Ivana for Company law class. We had amazing time, I've learned so much. Then I rushed to Milena where I got some Civil Process Law booklet, and we went to Kosta coffee for a cup of coffee - Nikola Radovanovic stopped just for a second to get the book. Milena and I talked for quite some time, until she left to meet up with Tanja. I talked to her tons about Danka and how she was really a temptation for me.